Replacing items {properly} after dispatch

I need some quick help if you have a minute - I got stuck on what I thought was a simple maneuver.

Long story short I need to combine dispatched output streams back into original order.

I have this data (points), containing nulls. I then use the Dispatch component - Output A points get moved; Output B points stay. How do I merge these outputs back and retrieve original order?

Tried a few things, hit a wall - 'don’t want to bore you with more explanations.


At the moment I was trying with Replace Items , with an incorrect result. If you see the polyline at the end, the points that were moved are not successfully replaced - only sometimes:

I have the nulls because stuff comes from a previous operation involving sift pattern, so I intend to recombine the data with combine data after this operation I’m stuck on.

What am I forgetting/ignoring? (16.0 KB)

Sincere thanks!

Hi @René_Corella you forgot to dispatch the Amplitude values too. :wink:

Try with Weave is faster than Sift Pattern .
If you want the indeces search it before move it, that was the issue. (20.6 KB)

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Of course.
Many thanks for this quick slap!
Makes total sense.

I am definitely weaving the data (preferred) instead of replacing indices now :+1:.

Sorry for confusions, sifting takes place earlier in the process. The current data set gets unflattened and recombined, after this ‘dispatch’ operation, with its parent process:

Nonetheless I will definitely revise this sifting precursor.

Thanks again!