ReplaceEdge Help needs updating

The Help entry for ReplaceEdge needs updating to include Mode=SelectCurve option.

Current V8 Help for ReplaceEdge: Rhinoceros Help - Trim | Rhino 3-D modeling (


Toolbar Menu

Surface Tools|Surface

Edge Tools >

Replace Edge|

The ReplaceEdge command re-trims the selected trimmed surface edge with a line, extensions of the adjacent edges, or a curve.


  • Select surface edges to delete.

Command-line options
KeepTrimObjects Determines whether or not the original trimming objects are retained.
Mode ##### ReplaceWithLine

Replace the edge with a line between the edge end points.


The two surrounding edges extend.

The edges must meet within surface boundary to give successful results.


Edges will be replaced using the selected curve to retrim.

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Hi David - here is what I see in the latest -

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