Replace Surface with other surface if empty?

Hey guys,

I am trying something very simple I think, however I have struggle putting it into code.
I have to surface components in grasshopper and two surface output components (ideally).

Depending on whether component A and or B are empty or not, the output components shall have specific data or not.

Example Function Idea:

if A = Empty and B = Empty:
return A = Empty and B = Empty

if A = Empty and B = True:
return A = B and B = Empty

if A = True and B = True:
return A & B

if A = True and B = Empty:
return A & B

I think the required code snippet is quite small however I struggle with the Python Component in terms of accessing and outputting surfaces.

Does somebody have an idea to my problem?

Looking forward to your help.

Best Regards
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So you are expecting text output? I can’t quite make sense of your logic but have always used the Combine component for similar situations:
If A is valid return A, otherwise return B.

Additional inputs can be added.

Hey Joseph,

no I dont want text ouput, I want surface output. E.g. if a gh surface component is empty it shall be filled with a surface from another component and that component shall than be empty.

Do you know what I mean?

You lost me with the words in bold. Otherwise, what I suggested does exactly that.

P.S. Actually, this confuses me too: “it shall be filled with a surface from another component”. So no, maybe I don’t understand you at all.

I am sorry I try again:

I have two surface components in grasshopper, call them A and B
One of them contains a surface, the other one is empty.
Should A be empty and B have a surface, I want them to be switched, so that A gets the surface connection and B becomes empty.

Does this makes more sense to you?

That’s what I thought you meant, and no, it doesn’t make sense to me.

You mean it doesnt make sense to you that i want to do that or you still dont understand what I want to do?

I need the Outputs for post processing, however, currently “Output A” refers to “Surface Type A” and “Output B” refers to “Surface Type B”.

Should, however, Surface Type A be empty and Surface Type B have a referenced Surface I want to use that referenced surface in Output A eventhough it is originally coming from B.

Of course i can just move the wire from Surface Type B to Output A, but this must happen without me checking it manually.

Do you understand the Combine component I suggested? That would be your ‘Output A’. I’m done here.

Thats not what I need, but thanks anyway

Convoluted logic, hard to imagine how this is useful. I don’t know if this covers all your combinations:
SwitchSurface_2022Oct22a (8.0 KB)

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This is actually doing exactly what I want thank you so much.

Regarding the logic, well yes, I guess there is an issue further upstream, but I could not figure that out yet because its quite complex and would not even know the question I want to ask.
In the long run there might be another workaround, but for now this is perfect, thank you very much.