Replace self intersecting curve

Hi guys,

I am quite new to grasshopper and am trying to figure out a way to replace the self intersecting curves in my script with curves that are as they should be continuous. I think the problem becomes clear from the images I attached. Does anybody know a way to do it?

Try to “flatten” theJoin component’s “C”(Curve)input.

Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately it didn’t do much

Why don’t you upload your file and other forum guys can take a look at your problem?

the file is quite massive and I dont think the rest of it is needed to solve the problem of doing pretty much a boolean union of curves?

See No. 3

Is the problem unclear? I want to combine the single overlapping curves that touch and intersect into one curves so that it only has one start point and one end point for each continuous horizontal line

Like @HS_Kim suggested, its best if you upload a small portion of your definition. You dont have to upload the whole thing, just connect the lines that are the input to your Join component to a Line component, right click (on the Line component), and select internalise data.

This could be one way, but there has to be an easier method.