Replace multiple items in different tree branches

This is part of an attractor-based point grid based on param points, with attractor affecting the params and points we get out

Here is a snapshot of what I am trying to achieve

  • I have a tree with points
  • I’ve taken some points from the tree and modified them based on an attractor
  • now I am trying to combine the modified points into the original list with replace items component or replace member component

However, I cannot place the items back in the tree thus far.

replace (25.2 KB)

Hello sailor!

Would you be kind enough to tidy up a bit your definition and mark the part where the issue is found? Take some time and make it understandable to other people because it’s a really messy way of working…
Also, which are the points you want to replace? It seems that you forgot to internalise some data…

Best regards,
Sir Ernesr Shackleton

Thanks :slight_smile: . I’ve re-uploaded the script that’s more clear and highlighted the areas above in a screenshot that I need help with.

If you dont remove all the empty branches when you use Clean Tree (or remove the Clean Tree components completely), it should work.

Thanks, that did the trick