Replace geometry in a pattern with other geometry

Can someone, please help me with this?
I created a pattern random(very common) of lines and would like to replace these lines, with meshes.
Or create a holder for any geometry to be put in the same pattern, with similar transformation. (56.5 KB)

sorry i really dont understand what u trying to achieve
could u explain in more details

So I have a geometry component, which contains a mesh, a twig like branch. I want to use to populate the random pattern instead of the curve and pipe.
So instead of curves(lines) on the surface, it will be replaced with the mesh(branch) in the same pattern.

The meshes will replace the curves on the surface.
I don’t really know how to go about it. But I am trying something to see.

check it out (64.6 KB)

I’m not sure, what I am seeing, but are the red lines, meshes? and not curves or pipes?

I want this mesh (in red) to populate the pattern instead. And be scaled proportionally to the lines.

they r pipes as your script if u r looking for mesh then try the delaunay mesh with the generated points

I know delaunay mesh.What I mean is instead of lines, I what the branch to replace it

Hey Raj, I meant something like this.

But the Twigs are rotated to the angle of the curve, and scaled to its length. (41.2 KB)

I want to get then rotated to the curve and scaled to its length. Any help?