Replace Different Items in Different Tree Branches respectively

hi All,

Am trying to use replace 2 Brep by take out the member from the tree at the particular index and
replace the new member at that place

some thing goes wrong i could not figure it out

Querry replace diffrent item in diffrent (84.6 KB)

You can’t use Replace Membersfor your brep geometries like the other components in the Sets tab.
It only works with points, numbers or text strings…

Querry replace diffrent item in diffrent (82.3 KB)

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thanks you for the solution
and points mentions are noted .!
and the principle parameter can you explain about it in a few words
for better understanding

Each component automatically picks an input parameter as the guiding one for creating output data. Usually it’s the input with the most complex tree structure, but the logic is more complicated than that. By manually assigning a principal parameter you override that choice and force all output data to adhere to that particular structure.

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