Replace Curve from geometry

Hey there! I really need your help. I want to deform the geometry with replacing the straight line with an arch. It did not work. Im a student in Architecture and the task is to bring a curve into the geometry, if anyone can help me do that I would be so happy :slight_smile: (I don’t care how or where the curve will be). Thank You

Hi Antonia,

this forum is not really a place to solve student assignments, but I can only advise to go to your teacher and tell him/her that you have problems in understanding. When it comes to data management, Grasshopper is not easy, and people with more experience often underestimate the effort in teaching this. It doesn’t help you if you somebody else solves the puzzle for you! It really helped me to solve such puzzles by doing it step by step manually, applying it step by step in Grasshopper. I also know, that not everyone is into that whole Grasshopper topic, but unfortunate it seems to be part of today’s architecture studies. I’m pretty sure you can tell this your teacher and he/she will understand. A good architect might never need that at all.