Replace coordinate text

Hi all,

Is there a way to replace text for coordinates in a way that does not involve manual editing of the specific string values? I have a simple example in which I want to move a box back to the origin, except for the Z unit.

To show what I’d like to do, I have selected another solution to this example.
For the text method, I would basicly need to find a workaround to using wildcards. Can this nevertheless be achieved to editing the vector’s text as well? For some cases, editing text would be a more intuitive approach to me.

No reason to manipulate text for this.

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Sure there is no need to, but is it possible in general using text? Or will such attempts eventually break scripts due to the limitations on editing text?

Many things are possible but is there any advantage to manipulating text for this purpose? I go out of my way to avoid passing data through text panels. Same goes for text components, unless there is some good reason?

At this point, there is no necessity for me to edit text. I was just wondering about the possibility, because, as I said, I can imagine it might be more insightful to just edit a text value for certain operations.
I’m still new to GH, so I may be unaware of any pitfalls down the line.

If you had posted your code instead of just a screen image I might have played with it.

You may want to consider Pt2Num (Points to Numbers) and Num2Pt (Numbers to Points):