Replace block with element or furniture

Is there a command/script/GHplayer to replace a Rhino block by a VisualARQ element or furniture object?
Similar to the replaceblock command in Rhino.

Hi @Mario_ILL,

You could use a Grasshopper script to deconstruct the block instances and place the vaElement in the same place (you would need to remove or hide the blocks before baking the vaElements). Here you have an example:

Block to (6.4 KB)

You may want to check this one:


Thank you Ahmet,

I even managed to make an element with attributes out of the blocks.
Alfonso’s solution works too but the script was easier to turn into a command.


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Replace a block

  1. Click Replace Block [image].
  2. Select one or more component symbols.
  3. Press ENTER, or right-click.The Select Block (or Drawing) dialog box appears.
  4. Select the .dwg file containing the new block.
  5. Click Open.The message “Updated object(s) in drawing…” appears in the command line.

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