Replace an organic surface multiple threads


I have an organically shaped surface and I want to replace the surface with many many threads or strands of lines which together makes up the organic surface.
How do I go on about to do that?
Attached is the shape so you can look at what what Im working with.
Q.3dm (311.7 KB)

I think you’ll need to provide a bit more information - such as a sketch of what you are trying to achieve, a description of what have you tried so far, and where you got stuck


So like the very messy sketch below, but ofc much more refined intricate and closer together to make up for the shape without actually having the surface behind.

I havent yet tried anything becasue Im still trying to figure out how not to do it manually i,e drawing multiple curves on top of the surface and then pipe each one.

Since you have an untrimmed surface you should be able to draw some wiggly curves on a flat rectangular surface, then use a sporph transform to map them onto your target surface

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So there’s no plug in in gh that actually would transform surface into x number of pipes or polylines?

if you are trying to follow exactly along the u/v direction of the surface you can use ExtractIsocurve then click as often as you need, on the wanted locations or use extract all after setting the amount under the show isocurve.

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It’s not always about the plugins!


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aha so Ill just draw hundreds of straight lines millimeters from each other and it will all wrap itself on the surface and then pipe them!

thats exactly what this what i described you does not need. it will give you any amount of curves with 2-3 clicks.

aha thank you! Will try this!

or if you don’t want the wiggle and are satisfied with isocurves, use grasshopper and don’t click at all…

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exactly what I wanted! :slight_smile:

I had some more fun with it, here is the script with the original and slightly “wriggly” version (using @DanielPiker s idea)

replace (14.9 KB)

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Ohh thank you!

btw I copied exactly this scrip below but it doesn’t work for some reason the lines doesnt show up

Right click on Preview. I didn’t thought you were so beginner :yum:

not a beginner haha …strange I did highlight all of it and Preview, anyway many thanks!

You could also have some problem with the preview. Since some days I have very strange preview in Grasshopper. It is not consistant with the old behavior.