Repellent curve and iteration of items

Hi guys,

I’m in need of help with sorting out two issues. (54.6 KB)
repel.3dm (198.0 KB)

  1. I need a script which uses multiple curves to repel or cull geometries that I have. I have the script half way done, but it doesn’t work the way I need it. The nearest items to the repellent curve has to be the lowest in height, though, they have to be entire floors and not cut half way.

I have this array of curves.

To them I mapped that geometry

I introduced a repellent curve

But I could only use it this way. However, I want the height of each item to be divisible into 3. This means that my floors will be 3m high and if I’ve got a 6-storey-building then this module has to be 18m high. In this each element is different in height and they’re very rare integers.

  1. Presuming the repellent curve could only cull items I’ll then need some script to control the height of the buildings. The height must always be an integer divisible by 3. However, if the repellent curve could solve both issues then I’ll be very happy.

Cheers! Thanks in advance!