Repeating panel

I am looking for a way to repeat these 5 panels randomly and then array them in the x and y directions. What would this look like in a grashopper script?panels.3dm (1.5 MB)

there are many ways to do that. Have you special rules like no same panel touching each other ? …
One simple solution, generate all the panel you need then jitter them, then some components because you panels are not on the same place. Then grid generation, array could be also used.

random panel (9.4 KB)

See this I make a quick search with random panel

For no duplicate you could use my ncolor, but I have to look the result with 5 colors.

And the version without the same

random panel placement n (519.1 KB)

this is very helpful! thank you so much!

Don’t forget to look at the end of my answer, I added the ncolor placement, which is better.

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Here a version with block. I put you panels in a layer (not mandatory).
Each panel is named Block 0x with x from 1 to 5. It is important to have always the same insertion point lower left corner. It is the reason I use x-y/2 after bounding box properties in order to have the lower left bounding bx coordinate position. You will see on Grasshopper just the panel color (a mesh here to be light). When you are happy with the size bake.You will just have blocks.

panels_block.3dm (3.3 MB)
random panel placement n colors (23.9 KB)

1205 blocks


where do I reference the panels? at Mesh?

could you also save that file you just uploaded as a Rhino 5 version? Thanks!

panels_block.3dm (4.5 MB)

You need Elefront plugin also

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I am confused where to input the surfaces to reference. Meshes?

You just need the names of the block.
Each panel has to be transformed to a block with a name.
Color Index i going from 0 to 4, but block name in the 3d from 1 to 5 => the +1. In the Insert block component you just have to insert a name of the block. Name is Block 0x (x 1 to 5).

Or you can do that for the names, using a panel (without forgettin to click on the “Multiline Data” (right click on panel)

The mesh is just for vizualisation. You can put whatever you want in the blocks.

Welcome to Grasshopper (many tricks, subtility to understand). :slight_smile: