Repeatable crash

In the attached scene, when I use the “Apply material to selection” function in V-Ray’s material editor, Rhino crashes. Or it does when I go to the material section of the object’s properties.

test mat crash.3dm (475.2 KB)

I seem to be missing some of the TIFFs you are using, can you pack your scene and send the packed zip file.

Hi Matt,
Here it is…
test mat (8.4 MB)

Hi Matt,
Did you have some success on finding the problem?
Also, will you issue an official service release soon? The latest available on the website is 2.00.25251 (Nov 14, 2014) while 2.00.25876, with several bug fixes seems to be stable?


I was unable to replicate the problem with the files you sent. We will look into it more, and maybe contact you for more information.

I do not have a time table for a new SR. We are currently pretty busy working on 3.0. Are you looking for an edu of the latest nightly?

  • Matt

It’s just that IT probably won’t install an update from a “nightlies” website… And I’d like all our users here to have one of the last version where most bugs were eliminated and some useful features added.