Repeat Process

Dear Sir

I need help. I have done my script with
one value (draft), i want to repeat to another several value (drafts)

Would it be possible for you to help me.



Hull.3dm (422.7 KB) (32.7 KB) (209.3 KB)

Thank you sir for your quick reply.
But i need result for different different draft. Like in my example i have show 8 m draft i.e. Z distance.
And i am getting centroid (Y distance) of all section at that particular draft.
Same way i want to get result for different z distance, 8, 13, 16…n numbers etc .
**Condition : 1) Draft (z value ) will vary. 2) At every Z distance (x=0, y =0, z=varies) Hull (ship) will rotate transversely. **
Result : At every draft get centroid of all sections (stations).

Now, you have three branches of section profiles, and you can get the centroids of these sections…

Yes i have, but only at single draft.
What will happen, If draft is in series ?
Like i have shown result of 8 m draft, below that i need result of 13m draft and below that 16m and so on.
Please try if possible.

I don’t know much about the shipbuilding and don’t know what you mean by “draft” either, anyway the result you’ve made is not different from mine? (214.7 KB)

Draft means Z coordinates,
Any way, i will check latest file and get back to you.