Repeat last rotation amount and same centre how?

I am aligning an imported mesh.
I draw on the mesh a line, then if I select the mesh and line to rotate that line horizontal, I cant see the line., just a vast mass of yellow !

Perhaps if I rotate the line, selecting point of rotation, then repeat the rotation amount and centre by selecting mesh, that will work.
Is there repeat last rotation where it knows all to do.

Else can I make the mesh allow me to see the line and rotate both at the same time.



Hi Steve - in V7, yes, not in V5.


Hi, plan was to make PC win 10 and install V7, but each week I am needing to use it for things against deadlines, .

so stuck with V5 plan is next week now,

However I need to do this mesh thing urgently before making myself out of action a few days.

How do I make the mesh not obliterate the line.

How can I best do this rotate thing at the moment ?


I would turn off mesh wires in the shaded display mode:

and then in that mode’s settings, turn on sahade highligting for meshes: