Repeat last command

I feel like I may be missing something simple, but I can’t seem to find an easy way to right-click-repeat the last command with arguments. For example: Line -> Tangent -> 2Curves. Right-clicking will simply repeat the default Line command, requiring me to switch back to the command line, or move my mouse away from the work to re-select each of the options.

I have found a couple of workarounds, but I’m afraid they are no less cumbersome:

  • Initiate the relevant command from the specific toolbar button.
  • Enter the command, with arguments, into the command line (e.g.: line t c). This, however, requires that I construct the command elsewhere and paste it into the command line, since the command gets executed as soon as I attempt to type a space (is there some way to escape spaces?).

Is there an easier way to go about this, or am I trying to do things the hard way by favoring the command line?

Thanks. Any help is appreciated.

Hello- - if you take your second thought one step further and make an alias for the command string, that should work.



Let’s say we want to create a shortcut for the example you posted(Line -> Tangent -> 2Curves),
Go to File, Properties, in the Rhino Options click on Alias. Click NEW, a new raw will appear,
In the left cell choose a shortcut, let’s say lt2, in the right Cell type in: ! _Line _Tangent _2Curves
What I just typed here is simply the sequence of commands you generally need to go through every time
You want to use the 2Curves option. You start with the line, then Tangent, then 2Curves.

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