Repeat a definition for an number of rectangles

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I have a number of rectangles and I made a definition for one of them in order to create a shape into it. Now I want to make it for each of the rectangles with randomness but I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Should I use anemone or is it simpler? (16.7 KB)

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What I can see from your definition is that you are trying to join two of the same circles after Circle_CNR components. I’m not sure what you wanted to achieve by that?

You can make it without Anemone. Grasshopper can handle multiple data trees and distribute various random data among them. You just have to match adequate branches. What I would suggest you is to take a look at a couple of tutorials that show how to handle data tree structures. At Think parametric site you can find a really good one about data lists and tree structures.

Here’s a topic where Joseph_Oster solved my problem on how to generate multiple random data trees from a data pool:

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Hello Andres!

Thank you very much for your reply. However I am new to grasshopper and I think that I have to spent a few time in order to understand the logic behind it and watch some tutorials and solutions. It is the first time I deal with such a definition with multiple data trees so ti seems strange to me. Unfortunately, I have a deadline and it is difficult to me to experiment with it now so I will do manually each one and I will come back after my project finish to acquire some more knowledge in this field.

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maybe you could internalize the curve(s) and make a screenshot of the definition (to replace the pufferfish with native, or just replace it). Also I am not sure if I get your aim. Maybe with the curves we can understand better.

Hello Baris! I am sorry man! I always forget it…

You will understand for sure now with internalized curves (19.2 KB)

you want to repeat this?

Yes why when I connect multiple curves I take this? Instead of that you saw. I replaced the offset curve pufferfish. (23.1 KB)

your flip matrix fails

Yeah I know why?

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe this helps? (23.9 KB)

Yeah! You helped me a lot!! Thanks!