Reparameterize Surface to Non-Zero to One Values

I’m having mental vapor lock this morning. I think I’ve been looking at my screen too long. This must be the most basic thing ever…

How can I remap/ re-parameterize a surface to a non-zero to one value?

I have a surface with an arbitrary domain (for example u: 0 to 20, v: -10.37 to 10.37).
I’d like to store the domain values, re-parameterize the surface to (u: 0 to 1, v: 0 to 1), perform a series of operations/ calculations, and then feed the original parameterization values back into the surface.

Any help would be appreciated.

using remap? something like this?

check: (22.9 KB)

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This would actually modify/rebuild the surface. A script will let you set the domain without modifying the surface’s shape. (4.5 KB)


Thanks! (I think) I can work with that. I need to do some figuring out. I should have posted a definition. (16.7 KB)

Thanks, I think that’s the one I’m looking for! Once I get the full definition working I’ll post it. I’m trying to get some real time feedback working between the Image sampler and your Human Plugin Texture Mapping/ Custom Preview Materials

And thank-you for the great plugin!

surface shape was getting modified as a hypothetical operation to remap values

didn’t know what @Ukko was dealing with

this is elegant though :slight_smile: