Reorient U or V coordinates in surface created from sweep2rail


i am new to grasshopper, i have created a surface from sweep 2 rail, i need it to be controlled in two sides, so the surface generated is ok but the U or V isolines on it are skewing so is there a way to make them horizontal ?
here is how it appears after sweep2rail

and how i need the divisions to be

Hello sailor!
I would assume you can’t make them horizontal because they depend on the surface topology.
If you need to generate surfaces from that initial surface you could use the surface split component to generate them.
If you could explain why you need that maybe we can come up with a better solution.

Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Hi Ernest thanks for reply,
I need this to create a structure of a dome, I am trying to model sort of concave cone like dome, and i would like to extract the isolines to form the structure of the dome horizontally and vertically with specific steel structural profiles.

Surface split component generates 3k of lines and i guess i dont know how to grab only the ones i need
thank you.