Reorganizing tree branches by z factor domain

Hi everyone. I’m using ladybug to get the test point that fit my criteria

and i would like to reorganize to data tree so that every branch is set by a z factor domain (0-4, 4-8, 8-12… etc) right now it is organized like this.
reorganize (1.4 MB)
it does not work without the EPW fileISR_Tel.Aviv-Bet.Dagan.401790_MSI.rar (149.8 KB) copy the EPW file address to the path component

Thank you for your help.

Your model won’t work without the data file that drives it:

Can you internalize the outputs of the ‘radiationAnalysis’ component?

Looks exactly the same to me - no data:

There is no data coming out of the ‘radiationAnalysis’ component. I’m done with this one now. I won’t look again. Good luck.

Is this what you want to accomplish?

reorganize (1.0 MB)

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Can you please explain why I can’t see any data in your version either?

i’ve added the epw file because there is no way to internalize the date in the sun analysis component

My request/suggestion was to internalize the OUTPUT of the ‘radiationAnalysis’ component. Everything after that is standard GH components so surely there must be a way? This is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for posting models to the forum. Does it really need to be re-explained every single day?

I don’t understand what you want…

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thanks kim, it works great.