Reorganizing a File for efficiency

I’ve managed to create a bit of a mess rebuilding a model that downloaded into hundreds of separate surfaces. I wanted to reduce the overall file size by using block instances but I ended up with an awkward situation wherein I cannot mirror one side or the other without running into a illegal duplication of layer names. I suppose I could create more particular layer names but the underlying issue would remain. Is there some method to reorganize this attached model so it’s more coherent and efficient ?Fun w:Blocks!.3dm (17.9 MB)


Tested in Rhino 6 for Mac and I can mirror blocks in your file without issue, for instance the brackets in the Left Door layer. What is the error message you see or is it just ‘illegal’ in the sense that you want a separate layer for the mirrored copies? If that’s the case, I’d use SelLast after the mirror and make a new layer to put them on.

HI Brian! Thanks for your advice. I can’t always get back to some projects as quickly as I’d like to. Regarding the blocks concept; I imported some geometry (models) to use for general space conceptualization. The models however imported as multiple block instances and now to remove them I seem to be obligated to delete each item one at a time. Why is there no means to group or list select block items in the panel list to be deleted?

Try the command BlockManager, this will allow you to delete all the instances of a block in the scene at once. If you use BlockEdit and edit a Block you can delete objects within it but must leave at least one object to apply the edit. There’s a message that says the same if you tried that way. BlockManager will let you remove all instances of certain blocks in the scene and it sounds like that’s what you need. Post a file if not please.