Reorganize point structure

Hello! Is there a way to connect the dots at the intersection of the lines? (111.7 KB)

Try this (117.4 KB)

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Thanks for the decision! This is exactly what I was looking for!

I’m posting it just because I spent some time making it, but @seghierkhaled 's solution looks much more smart and elegant!
EDIT: correction, now that I opened it, it’s not. (sorry seghier :slight_smile: ) (111.4 KB)


Very cool!
Thanks so much for another solution!

:wink: (117.2 KB)

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let me see… I learned not to speak in a hurry hahahaha!

first of all, the last curve is only defined by 3 points (it skipped all the rest)
second: the point is to make the least possible calculations to achieve what you want. This definition, while smart, ends up creating 190 curves.

No, look at the image; you must start from his idea.
What you mean by ends up creating 190 curves.?