Reorganization of the tree structure

Hello! Is it possible to change the structure of the list so that the points are connected horizontally?

curve.3dm (55.0 KB) (18.5 KB)

Take a look at the attachment. (20.3 KB)

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f_re .gh (19.0 KB)

How can I do if one of the edges of the curve is lowered a little lower?

You didn’t internalised your second referenced curve.
And the interpolate curve in the provided definition only works when the points group has similar Z coordinates…

What solution can be applied in this case?
2_curve.3dm (33.9 KB)f_re .gh (19.0 KB)

This may not what you want… Anyway. (25.5 KB)

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Thank you for your decision! This is a very similar result.
I initially thought to connect the points at the intersection of the lines

through the partition list but also somehow strange

Because your branches have different list lengths, so, Flip Matrix won’t properly work…