Reordering list so that reoccurring elements don’t get lumped together

Hello everyone!
This must be a total beginner issue when it comes to handling lists - I admit I’m only just beginning to see the light and still managed to confuse myself!
I have created a list of paths and want to rearrange them in order to match a certain order of occurrence.
However, as it is, the lists don’t get put out in the order I want and are grouping themselves together with their equals. I think I understand why this happens but still can’t figure out how to graft things properly so that all the items land in a separate path as sketched on the right side of my screenshot.
Can anybody help me? :slight_smile: (14.7 KB)

right click on the Tree Branch component and deselect “Maintain Paths” :slight_smile:

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Oh man, so simple! Thanks!!! :slight_smile: