Reorder branches using Replace Paths?

I have lists of assorted data items which repeat on branches. I would like to sort the branches by values from within the list on each branch.

I thought it would be straight forward with Replace Paths, but for some reason I’m not having any luck getting it to work as I expected:

I sort the list of paths and use the sorted listed to replace the original paths and although Replace Paths sorts the list, it isn’t sorting it in the correct order.reorder replace (229.7 KB)

i used Cset and Member Index to branch by that data.

Personally I would do this different. Using the Elefront Plugin. I will post an example.

Here i baked your boxes with attributes, then referenced and sorted. Requires Elefront.

reorder replace paths -sorted by (125.2 KB)

The simplest option might be to use Human’s Wrap/Unwrap list components.

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Hi Rickson, that was amazingly helpful! I hadn’t come across Human’s Metahopper tools before - works a treat and I’m sure they’ll be very useful in future. Many thanks!