Renumber data from the tree(?)

Hello people.

Apologies in advance for asking probably such a banal question, but I hope someone can clear this out for me.
I’m trying to make a 3ptarc as in the photo( blue lines), but I cannot sort all of the points right and I don’t really understand what’s going on with path mapper to use it.
Is there anyone who could help a poor soul with this?

Thanks in advance, (7.7 KB)

This is how to get the tree right for making the arcs:

However, you’ll still need to change the order of the points so they fit correctly. How are you creating them? It might be better to solve that upstream than to try to fix it here.

thank you, this is the part I’m also aware of, that’s why I wanted to see some smart ways to rearrange the points.
I internalized it not the post the whole file.

The problem is that the order of the points to be fixed is not consistent, so changing the order in one doesn’t fix it in the other. Therefore, it might be better for you to fix it upstream.