Renders some glass weird

Hi again,

Ive tried now multiple times during the design process to render this project and every time the glass roof at the marked area looks weird, I dont know at all what the issue is, if its the model (i dont think so, ive checked) or anything else that makes the roof not look like glass as how you would expect it to.

I feel like its some really silly detail that I’ve just missed ?

Thanks for help!

In a case like this, an image isn’t enough. We will need a small portion of the 3dm file that illustrates this problem and the specific settings you’re using to repeat it.


Looks like glass to me. Do you have a reflection environment set? If not, then you’ll be seeing just the solid background color reflection, which amounts to nothing really.

What do you expect to happen here?

Thanks @nathanletwory @John_Brock for your replies (sorry my late reply its been a busy day).

I think its the glass roof I’m wondering about, shouldn’t it just be clear glass as the walls? But also, I’ve found that all parts may turn out rather random, I did this new render with ProRender and not even all walls are consistent.

And no, I haven’t a reflection environment set.


Here is a link to the file:

Thank you


I am showing here backfaces in pink:

Glass doesn’t render properly when doing single surface, and especially not when seen from the backface.

Select the surfaces you can see the backfaces from and use _Flip. After that it is a good idea to also select all the surfaces with your Glass materials and add the tiniest biit of thickness to them. 0.01 should do to keep them very thin - the glass will render correctly.

Below I just used the material editor to select all objects with the glass materials assigned, then in object properties panel I added thickness to 0.01

Select objects with specific material


Set thickness

Edit: The water you can improve still with a simple normal map. I’d disable the ground-plane, as you won’t be needing it. It just takes up unnecessary resources and causes unnecessary pressure on BVH building. Instead create a kind of a box around the bottom of your water body and assign it the same material as your hill. Drop the attached water material Wavy Water.rmtl (492.0 KB) on your water body.

Water body extruded down for depth, ‘earth’ box added around the bottom part

Render with wavy material and bottom of water body fixed


Amazing!! Great - big thank you!! :smiley: :heart_eyes: