RenderMan for Rhino - WIP

RenderMan for Rhino (RfR) is a WIP project targeting to unleash the smashing Pixar’s Photorealistic RenderMan power through a full-featured integration in McNeel Rhinoceros 3D.

The tight integration, delivering most of the new RenderMan RIS key features directly at user’s fingertips, is designed to provide an effective user’s experience without any specific knowledge of the RenderMan Interface or shading languages competencies providing a first-in-class rendering experience.

The product, still in development stage, will be available for free during the open beta for non-commercial purposes and is expected to the released end 2016. More information can be found on RenderMan for Rhino project page.

We look forward hearing from you and your valuable rendering experience in order to arrange a solution capable to meet your best expectations.



Great party:heart_eyes:

I’m excited to see RenderMan make its way into rhino’s plug-in list. Let me know when you’re in open beta, I will definitely give it a go!