Rendering Reflection Colour Cast - Corruption?

Some reflective materials in my project have developed a cast matching a green colour (to which the background was recently set) in any rendered views and in the Rhino Renderer. They did not have that colour cast when the background was set to green, and they didn’t have them before the background was set to green. But now that the backgrounds are set to a neutral colour again, it appears that many if not all of the custom materials I’ve created from scratch for this project which have reflective surfaces have developed a green cast. If I reduce the reflectivity of the materials, the green cast goes away, but if I increase it again, it returns. The reflectivity of the materials remains set to the default colour of white.

(This green cast would never have been an accurate reflection, even when the background was set to that colour.)

If this still happens with such a material on a sphere in an otherwise empty sphere please attach a file.

It does.
Attached is the file and the material with embedded texture (and the view mode, in case there’s something wrong with that.) This is a stripped down version of the file I was working with when the problem developed for several sessions, but the problem’s still there in the attached. The file I was working with, subsequently saved incrementally for a small amount of further work, opens today without the issue, so it seems to have somehow corrected itself, but without any further attempts to correct it.
GreenREflections.3dm (5.3 MB)
Rendered.ini (11.4 KB)
50sBoy.rmtl (46.2 KB)

Here are comparable files for the version of the project that has somehow corrected itself:
NoGreenREf.3dm (3.6 MB)’
(The forum won’t recognize the below files by the names of the files I’ve uploaded them as, which have “no green” in their names. I assume that’s because they’re identical to the files in the above post. Their size is identical on my system.)
Rendered.ini (11.4 KB)
50sBoy.rmtl (46.2 KB)

I see it happen, I’ll have to check in the office in the coming morrow.

I have logged your report as RH-48169, assigned to @DavidEranen.

Hi @djhg - Is this a V5 file originally? Try clicking on “Reset to Defaults” in the Rendering panel. The problem should go away.

Thanks, but t’s always been a V6 file, and resetting to Defaults in the Rendering Panel doesn’t make the problem go away. At least not on my system. I see that you reported on the bug on the jetbrains page that it does on your system, Vanessa, which is curious. It might be worth noting that the project has had linked blocked inserted (purged from the upload), some of which were I believe created in V5.

Hi @djhg - The V5 blocks is probably why I got the greyish V5 rendered style when I opened the model. That’s why I hit the “Restore to Defaults” because this automatically sets it to V6’s rendered style and in this case, fixed the issue on my end. Which version of Rhino are you on? I’ll add it to the report.

i’m on 6 SR8 (6.8.18219.371, 08/07/2018)
I wonder why your system corrects with the reset, and mine doesn’t.

Yeah, that’s a pickle. It might be something that got fixed between SR8 and SR10 which is what I’m on. We’ll have to wait until the dev takes a look at the report.

RH-48169 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate