Rendering Mesh Colors

never mind, got it - the Cycles Vertex Material is still on the list of materials - custom materials.

Does this TestShowPrivateContent and Cycles VertexColor render material still apply in rhino 7. I’m trying this method and I can get the VertexColor material to appear, but not to render correctly.

Any advice on how to do this would be welcome!

I saw your other question. I perhaps could help a bit.

You certainly must look at that

I have done that, it is quite the opposite of your problem. I need texture because most of rendering tool doesn’t use vertex color.

So if you explain your workflow with some example, me or somebody else on this forum can help you to make a texture so you it will be possible to have mesh colored and texture.

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Something changed with the update we did between old and less old Cycles a year ago. This is a bit I hadn’t tested, and noticed only some weeks ago.

I will work on getting it back again.

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Thank you so much for all the details and links! I will test some of these out with what I’m working on and post again if I still can’t do what I need to do.

I have this now locally fixed, and I am pushing it to what will become 7.4. You can follow progress here: RH-62682 Vertex color rendering broken.

That’s wonderful, thank you Nathan! Just curious, what’s the thinking around having it as “private content”? any plans to expose this functionality part of native, out of the box, Rhino?

They’re not-very-official materials, thrown in the help out immediate needs.

eventually yes, probably for Rhino 8 (or later).

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