Rendering, Environments, Materials panels are sluggish

It does no matter wether I am on Windows with Quattro K5000 workstation or on my 16"MBP, these panels are very unresponsive, yes they work, but there is always this half second to second that one has to wait for e.g. a dropdown menu to appear, or the scrolling to be active…

Are there any improvements planned for this?


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Hi Rudi - I see a lag sometimes the first time a panel is used, as in adding a new material for the first time in a session - and the color picker does seem to lag slightly every time, but apart from that I do not get the half second lag, here, for drop downs and such.


This is an old problem the tabs thing always has a lag and gets worse the more materials and textures one has. Though it is the best it has been. I think McNeel needs to ditch interface tabs scripted using generic windows. It’s so cheesy and makes rhino look like software from ten years ago. I see much better functionality in many many other programs where the tabs can be easily hidden,etc. GH has the roll up function and I don’t get lag there why can’t the material editor and the like be as sweet?
Also I have requested this many times and it never makes the list but I wish McNeel would create a decent material editor that is not tabbed code but something more robust.

i totally agree, it is very tiring working with these panels… also anything texture related in these matters gets an extra time out additionally.

Just a random exemplary file with a file size of around 22MB. It can get even slower with other files…

Does the lag get less if you set the current render engine to Legacy Rhino Render?