Rendering clipping plane

The result is perfect if I render my project with a clipping plane using the “raytraced” option inside the viewport (image 1). Using the render command, the clipping plane is “missed” (image 2). Is there a way to set the render options and obtain the same result as in the viewport?

When using the _Render command you need to add in post effects the on render window: surface edges and isocurves.

In the viewport the linework you see isn’t drawn by Raytraced, but by the viewport pipeline. These curves and linework are likewise drawn by other means in Rhino Render:

Unfortunately there is currently no control over what of these lineworks to draw and what not.

These are the results:

  1. Exporting from viewport (perfect)

  1. Using your method

Of course, I will use the first. But losing the channels, the postprocessing and so on.
I hope MCNEEL understands that this could be a significant improvement for all the users. It’s the same Software that does the first image…


This is the version with dimensions, too. From the viewport, of course…