Rendering / backdrop gradient / how to rotate?

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I use a backdrop for my scene, it chooses to be dark on the horizon fading to white in the upper sky…

I want it opposite (that is how it often looks :-))

So how to turn / rotate / reverse / control backdrop gradient?

Thanks in advance! BR, Jens

(the .jpg just shows location of choosing backdrop gradient)

Just set the top color to the darker color and the bottom color to the lighter color.

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Hi Nathan,

Already tried to do what you say, but there is no top and bottom color… Or at least I can’t find it?

I can only choose one color by Color Picker, Eye Dropper or copy / paste. Or where is it? :slight_smile:

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Use Copy Color from the bottom color (that is the color swatch next to the Gradient radio button), then use the triangle of the one on the top color (the swatch next to the Solid color radio button) to paste the color. Just use the color picker to change the color directly if you don’t want to copy/paste.

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THANKS! I am learning! Maybe next time I can guess it myself!

I had to read your reply a few times. Now it works and I think I understand:

You use the solid color as the base and the gradient is a filter on top of it (or on the bottom of it mainly).

If I do understand this correctly, it is confusing because the radio button for the solid color is off but the chosen solid color is still used…

…Edit: And whau, what speedy replies, thanks!