Rendering again very slow?

Hi, so, a few months ago, I upgraded to Yosemite so I could render faster.

However, now, again, a simple scene, rendering it at 6000x4000 pixels, 300 DPI but my computer says it will take around 20 minutes to render… How can this be?

Included the file so anyone can check how fast they render it.

Hope someone knows!

Thanks in advance,

schets_1.3dm (139.5 KB)

Why/how would upgrading the OS affect your rendering times? AFAIK, the only thing that will really help there is a faster processor with more cores and more RAM…


Hi Mitch, it had been discussed excessively in the past and I’ve been told by McNeel that the 10.9.5 was not well with rendering. (Read about it here: Rendering time comparison (example file included))

I’ve upgraded to Yosemite at the time and this improved rendering massively. However, I haven’t been rendering for some time and now I try to render a simple scene and it appears to be bugged again.

OK, must have missed that discussion, sorry… --Mitch

That’s okay, you can’t remember everything :wink:

I tested your file here for comparison and can render it at your settings in 9 min using Rhino 5 for Mac 5.0.2. The OSX version is 10.10.5 and the CPU is a 2.3ghz i7 . I also tested it in Rhino 5 for Windows at the same dimensions and it renders there in Rhino Render in 8:20. The OS is Win10 and the CPU is an i7 950. My only guess at why you’d get a render time twice what I am on the Mac side is that the CPU was busy with other tasks or isn’t as fast. Could CPU load be the difference from what you experienced previously or perhaps the view of the model is different. Rendering times are like a seesaw with 6 seats… it’s always a balancing act between hardware, software, settings, materials, lighting, the view of the model, the render mesh density… etc. I guess that’s 7 seats but you get the point.