Rendering a cross-rib glass block in Cycles

One of these:

The ribs on one side of the block are vertical, the ribs on the other side are horizontal.

I have the basic geometry of the block, and I am wondering if one can create the effect of the ribbing with a bump map, or if one has to model the geometry of the ribbing in detail or if I just have to use a different rendering tool.

Block.3dm (283.8 KB)

Sigh. This was supposed to go into the “Rendering” discussion group; not sure how it ended up here.

For Rhino 7, you should be able to DupBorder on your inner plaster surface, use that curve inwards to trim/copy a new surface out onto your front glass plate (or WireCut, which I did), then you can use the Waves Texture as a displacement map on that new surface. I placed this within the second mapping channel on the UV setup.

You have self-conflicting geometry on your centre area:

Re-loft the surface and then reduce the OffsetSrf.

Anyway, you are of free to use the version I produced, and see what has been done to change your geometry. Render (from Rhino 8) and file (backported to Rhino 7) attached.

Note, I use a spectral renderer most of the time, so I am a convert to having “thick” glass where I can in close-up examples. Here, the displacement is applied on all sides of the wavy inner plate, but is extended along the thickness to reduce edge effects on the sides. You can see this in the UV mapping.


Block_RH7_Mod.3dm (6.5 MB)

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Here is also the same model, but using bump maps instead.

Actually, the textures “Glass”, “Frosted”, and “WaveGlassBump” are all interchangable (turn on displacement where needed, for the non-PBR materials), as the object does the mapping, not the texture. I like the bumped version less, but It would produce faster render meshes (I think), as it is all procedural.

I think it opens okay in R7…

Block_RH7_Mod_Bumped.3dm (6.8 MB)


Incorporated the “Waves Texture” blocks into my larger model – they look great!

I wasn’t able to get the bump map version going on my old Mac running v7; not sure if that’s a problem with v7 on Mac or just some mistake I made.

Anyhow, thanks!

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