Rendering a colored mesh in Flamingo

I defined a colored mesh, using grasshopper. It renders ok in Rhino render, but not in Flamingo. Is there an easy way to do that (not with back and forth journeys to meshlab…)? I am using Rhino 5 in Windows. I could attach the 3dm file, but don’t see how to do that.
Francesco de Comité

Are you using the latest version of nXt 5.0 that was updated to support the rendering tools in Rhino 5? If you are and it still doesn’t render like in Rhino Render, can you post the baked mesh?

This is the file upload tool button highlighted in yellow:

As Brian alluded to, if you’re running Flamingo nXt 3, you’re describing expected behavior.
If you’re running Flamingo nXt 5, it should work.

coloredmesh.3dm (297.4 KB)
I should have noticed the button. I upgraded to flamingo nxt5, but still nothing happened. I am surely missing something.
Yhank you both of you for carng.