Rendered Viewport: AA over shadows?

The rendered view mode is looking better! Any chance we will get AA on the edges of objects where a shadow is behind the object?

(Top red edge is above a shadow, bottom red edge is just a solid edge. Note how much better the solid edge looks.)

You can also see the ugly white edge going vertical just under the red tip, which I think is the same issue (Solid object with AA on top of shadow).

I’m loving the advanced shadow controls!

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Thanks, this is filed already here It looks like it’s been pushed to a point release after v6.

Hi Brian,

this effect is seen from the beginning of V5 on, and reported several times.
Sad to see it will not be better when V6 is born.
Perhaps in V7?


I agree that it would be nice to improve this and I’ll keep lobbying for it on this end. The more users that ask repeatedly for it to be worked on, the more likely it is to get attention.

Ok, I’ll set up a wishbot :wink:

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