Rendered texture maps' dark areas reflect bright

In the attached file, renderings have little bright areas near where the mesh touches the ground plane. But only where there are dark dots in the image map, and only when I have the light turned on. Bug or what?render (8.7 MB)

Looks like this is the result of the ground plane with shadows-only enabled. This appears to be due to the effect with diffuse light bouncing that would happens with a ground plane that has a material set.


If you don’t need the background to be visible through the ground plane you probably should use the ground plane with material instead.

On a sidenote, your dots texture is unnecessarily big. Your pattern is multiplied 8x8 times. Your texture needs to be only 500x510 pixels in size, where it is now 4000x4080.

Ok, I’ll do that.

Yeah, but that’s just a chunk of my object. Still, it is probably too big…

well, bringing the texture down to 500x510 makes it take only 16MB of RAM (500x510 pixels, 4 channels per pixel, 16 bytes per channel = ~16MB) instead of ~1GB RAM (4000x4010x4x16 bytes).

I simply resized canvas in GIMP to 1/8th, then multiplied the repeat for the texture with 8 and still same result.

RAM usage for the model you uploaded dropped with almost 1GB.