Rendered mode - Objects drawing while moving camera



I just updated to the latest version of Rhino WIP (6.0.16348.9381, 13/12/2016) and I found some problems while drawing objects in Rendered mode.

While I move the viewport (only the camera is moving) there are multiple gray lines crossing the mesh/brep:

When I stop moving it, the lines dissapear:

This is my graphic card:


(David Eränen) #2

Thanks. I am aware of this. I will try to have a fix in before the next WIP is released.

I made a YouTrack item:


(David Eränen) #3

This has now been fixed. It should be available in the next WIP.


Thank you David, I will check it :slight_smile:

(Brian Gillespie) #5

RH-37244 is fixed in the latest WIP