Rendered material or colour on tubular shapes looks strange

I wish to deploy a model with tubular sections, like steel pipes. However, when I upload the model to SD and zoom around or orbit, the pipes surface looks strange and not as expected. There are some vibrant parts on the surface. I tried with different meshing in GH, so small UVs or bigger ones, but the results seems the same. See below screencast.

And here is the SD part in the GH definition.

Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 08.26.38

What settings should I change to get the color/material stable?

The viewer renders two overlapping meshes which causes the rendering artifacts. To fix this, simply turn off preview of the MeshBrep component in your Grasshopper definition and re-upload.

@pavol thank you, my bad, …I think this is one of the things which many of your tutorials suggest “turn-off” everything to display but only the once we need. …it works ok now.