Rendered + ghosted mode?



Hi guys,

is there anyway I can transform the rendered view mode transparant as ghosted view mode is? Thankss

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Leonardo - not really - only by making all the materials transparent.



could a plugin do it? or even a script?

maybe leave this as a sugestion to rhino 6

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Leonardo - it seems like what you are asking for may be a global transparency ‘slider’? or do you really want it as a display mode?



Hi !
I’ve had SOME excellent success SIMULATING “Ghosted” mode by setting my materials to transparent and turning ON “Surface Edges”.

I had to play with the transparency settings a bit, but was able to get a REALLY nice “Ghosted Render” effect using RHINO RENDER, and was also able to get some REALLY NICE renders using the RENDERED-Viewport mode, and THOSE renders were FAST !

You’re probably using a Hi-end Ray-Trace render plugin (VRay, Flamingo, etc.), but if you’re looking for a basic animation or maybe a run insert into your hi-end render, fading the transition from before your insert and back again could allow you to do a compiled run insert in your final compiler. You have to manage the starting and ending camera settings for a seamless transition, but should have some reasonable success with this method.

I use CAMTASIA, with STUNNING results, but yours may be different.

Hope this helps ! -



Hi Pascal,

Anyone of those options you gave would be good! I was reffering to a new display mode, but a slider is a nice idea as well !