Rendered a 3000x2000 but got black screen


Hi, I just made a 3000x2000 pixle render with Neon, but it “occupies” 80% of the screen with a black rectangle. And it calculates twice.

Is that expected? Could this be updated to a propper render preview?

I used -Viewcapturetofile and sat a custom resolution.

But what I don’t get is that rendertime varies, is it using the iteration pass number that the viewport has at the time “viewcapture” was started?
I sat max iterations to 20 and tested on a complex scene and that makes Rhino appear crashed, it still uses 75% of the cpu, so it is not dead, but it appears dead.

I think Neon is great but a bit immature to recommend to customers for real work use, and it needs a proper render option.


And here is a 1920x1080 test done the same way.
20 iterations, It’s fast and it’s vanilla Rhino and Neon.
I am just making a fun picture for my son.

But it leaves me in the dark while it calculates.

(Andrew le Bihan) #3

We do have a new service release coming up with a new display engine that should resolve many of these “black screen” type problems. I’m hoping to get it out soon.

  • Andy


Sweet, and will you make a GUI for high res Neon renders too?

I think Neon should replace the Rhino render all together for V6, and then Brazil will be the perfect upgrade that seamlessly upgrades/adds to that render engine.

That will be both intuitive and easy to communicate.