Render Window Size/Behaviour

when selecting Render from the drop down Render menu, well it’s just not right

Hmm - I do not see that here - so the top part is never filled in, the rendering quits/finishes?


Hi Pascal, no the render window size is huge, out of proportion, and the object is to the bottom, and not fully in view, have attached full screen recording, hth

Hello - open the Rendering panel and see how the rendering resolution is set up -



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yes didn’t think to check there, maybe needs setting as default to 800 x 600, bit confusing seeing that so big and out of proportion :crazy_face:
@pascal got some materials and other things just rendering in a blue colour instead of the correct material colour, should I create new topic ?

Blue vs Red is being worked on already, no need to create separate thread for that.

like so ?


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