Render View not work properly

with the new laptop, rendering viewport not work (work similar to shadow view) and don’t load texture.
I Change some settings, but I did not resolve the problem, could it be an hardware incompatibility?
I use Rhino 5 SR12 64bit + Flamingo nxt
The laptop is an Asus k550jD with a Geforce 820M
Thank you for all.

Is this Flamingo NXT or the newer Flamingo NXT 5. The older Flamingo NXT does not work with the Render Preview.

hi Scott,
I use flamingo nxt. But it’s strange, because I have this problem with the notebook, but not with my Desktop pc - In that pc RenderVew works with no roblem, I can see all tipe of texture in real time. The only thing i found is that in “OpenGL option” > “Info”, my NVIDIA is read with incomplete information (no driver data time and version and with total memory only 64 MB when I have some GB of memory). It could be the contemporary presence of a dedicated VideoCard NVIDIA+Integrated VideoCard Intel to create conflict?
I installed the latest video card driver.

Yes, this is Flamingo NXT. You will need to install Flamingo NXT 5.0 to use Render preview better. Here is the link to get an upgrade:

Ok I will try flamingo nxt 5.0 - I’ll tell you if it work or not. thank you.