Render to Window Command

I have forgotten a command and cant seem to find it.
I need to patch a small portion of an image. Consequently I need to re render just a very small portion of a selected view.

The renderinwindow command only seem to render at viewport resolution.
Can anyone tell me the command to render in window but at the output resolution?

Hey Nigel, renderpreviewinwindow is what you want.

Thanks for that carvecream.

I still must be doing something wrong, as the rendering is still coming up at viewport resolution as opposed to the requested output resolution.

Any ideas?

Do you get the Rhino Render window that pops up? If yes then that should be rendering at whatever resolution you have it set at in options.

Yes…you are correct , however the patch doesn’t seem to be rendering at the output size. It seems to be rendering at the viewport resolution. Sorry to be a nuisance.

I just checked it on a new file.
Again at this end on my PC “Renderpreviewinwindow” is giving me a patch rendering, but it is at viewport resolution not output resolution.

Perhaps I have the command wrong?

ok something is screwy here. Now I think you had it right the first time with renderinwindow. I just tested here in rhino5 and that is what is working for me. renderpreviewinwindow only gives the low res render.
but you still don’t get the high res patch with renderinwindow?

Are you using Brazil? If so, the command is “RenderBlowUp”

This is amazing! This is a lifesaver on time. I wish I knew about this command forever ago. How come it doesn’t come up as an available command in the drop down section of the command prompt?