Render to Scale from Viewport


My boss recently asked me to render and print that render 1 to 1 scale, how would I go about doing this. the purpose is to compare the render of a cosmetic bottle to the actual cosmetic bottle.

There isn’t a good way to do that from the viewport.
Use the Print command and print a Shaded or Rended viewport to scale.

I see no problem, except perspective view

Scale is meaningless in a perspective view as objects in the distance are shorter than objects closer to the view camera. You can only accurately scale parallel projection views.

That’s right, I said, I see no problem in other views to render in original model size.

Example: I want render (in standard Rhino3d render) my model in 200mm height.

  1. Formula: DPI / 25.4 * (200mm + 9%) ////possibly result round to integer, DPI = same value as rendering
  2. Command _-Zoom Extents on active viewport e.g. front
  3. Command _-DocumentPropertiesPage Render
  4. Under resolution option custom, value-> x = result from point 1. .option pixel, option lock aspect ratio and ok
  5. Render viewport and save.

Is that any correct alternative ???

Wow. Def will try that

Hi, eddi

can you also tell me how to do that in Rhino for Mac?
i have no idea of what you said here…

i also need to show my boss the models printed in a full scale.



This is a fake for 1:1 render output,
Calculation is based on DPI, parallel view size(except perspective) and zoomed view either with option _E_xtens or _S_elected + wanted object size.
Original model size in Rhino’s modeling space is here not relevant.

Ask in section -> Rhino for Mac

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The problem is the error margin that the image margin introduces, isn´t it?