Render SubD In Base Geometry

Is it possible to render a SubD object in its Base Geometry form?

Hi @user1903
If you mean box mode, yes. You just extract the control polygon and render that instead (ExtractControlPolygon, not surprisingly).
HTH, Jakob

After I did that, I had trouble finding the button. Then I saw the “Subset” choices on the Mesh Tools sidebar.
I’m learning every time I play with Rhino … with the help from you people.
When I type a command in the command line, is there a way to find the corresponding button to add to one of the Main toolbars (I know how to add a button)?

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When you create or edit a button you can add the command text here

So I create a blank button and then follow your steps?

Yes - you can right click in an empty bit of a toolbar and choose ‘New Button’
Fill in something for the Command and give it an icon by clicking Edit by the square in the top right.