Render Settings for Darker Output

Is there some way to get the render output to use a darker color for the object. Have been changing settings to no effect. I need to be able to print on a white background so I need the foreground to be darker.

Can you help with this please?

Have you applied a material to the objects? That would allow you to make them darker than the background aside from the shadows. You can change an objects material in the Properties panel when it is selected. Or use the Materials panel by running the command Materials to show it in the right side bar.

No. Just plain vanilla. I was just wondering if there was some [simple] way to make things darker.

I can try a material.

maybe playing with the gamma values?

You should be able to go into effects panel after you render and adjust the exposure. Set it to one or a number that adjusts to suit your tastes. I don’t know why mcNeel has exposure set at 2.2 seems way too high to me as a default.

Try tone mapping in the exposure settings
Black/white point
Black point 0.0
White point 1.3

Brian James’ suggestion is the correct route to take. Just create a simple light grey material, and apply it to all of your objects (or their layers). This will make the object slightly darker, and the background will stay white as expected.

You can then adjust the color of the material (lighter or darker grey) to get the exact effect you want.