Render rhino Dimension Text and curves

Hi I am trying to Render rhino dimensions and lines. Rhino can natively render but I can not render in Vray. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a way to convert Dimension objects to Rhino Text objects?



As for the convertion, yes, you can explode a dimension into text and lines. If you then explode the text again, that will also turn into curves.

not sure what I’ve done now but I can’t get rhino to render dimensions nor can I get Vray to so.I can get the dims to render in one rhino file but not another

I tried to Explode but it would not render then either even if I added a rhino material.

Those render properties are document properties so it’s quite possible to have one file render dimensions and another not.
Go to Document Properties > Rhino Render > Miscellaneous and check what you need.